Write yourself a love letter

Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I have been pondering on what to share with you in this email – I tend to hold myself to some very high standards!

As I came across this poem, I sighed with relief – and remembered to go gently with myself. I assess that this poem offers a soft landing for us all.

When Fear Takes Over
“Never underestimate the power
of your own gentle hand
when placed over a racing heart,
that press of flesh to flesh
which says: Yes, you will make it
through this. Walk alone
in the snowy woods and listen
for the way trees speak
to each other in winter, rubbing
bare limbs together. Reach out
to a friend, let their voice
be the lullaby you never heard
as a child. Let kind words
wrap around you like a blanket
so thick it soaks up the sound
of every secret worry
spoken to the air.”

© James Crews

I discovered the soothing “powers” of poetry late in life and now I am so grateful for this. When I find a new poem I’m immediately drawn into the present moment and feel connected.

Our next Creative Guiding playshop on 8 April 2023 will be inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver – AND I will share a variety of new poetry with our guided self-compassion meditations during the next retreat which starts on 19 May 2023.

I’m excited to offer a completely new creative experience on #theselfcompassionbreak which will include compassionate writing, collaging and creating a journal. The Ontological Coaching approach will be woven throughout the programme.

A fellow Ontological Coaching colleague, Graham Smale recently asked ChatGPT to write a poem about Ontological Coaching in the style of a limerick:

“Ontological coaching, a journey of the soul,
A quest for understanding, to become more whole.
It’s not just about changing your external scene,
It’s diving deep inside, to explore what lies within.

With ontological coaching, you learn to see,
The way you show up, and who you’re meant to be.
You connect with your values, your purpose, your drive,
And make choices that align, with the life you’d like to thrive.

You discover your patterns, your beliefs, your fears,
And see how they’ve shaped you, throughout the years.
You shift your perspective, and choose a new way,
And find the strength within, to make changes each day.

Ontological coaching, it’s not just a tool,
It’s a way of being, that helps you to rule,
Your life with intention, with wisdom, with grace,
And create a world, that’s a beautiful place.

So embrace this journey, and trust in the ride,
For ontological coaching, is your path to thrive.
Discover your essence, and live with your heart,
And let your soul’s wisdom, be your guiding star.”

Not bad for Artificial Intelligence, right?

Please connect should you want to learn more and let’s chat in person or on Zoom.

19-21 May 2023 | #theselfcompassionbreak | Cultivating Courage & Compassion Through Creativity at Temenos Retreat, McGregor

“Vow to be radically, fiercely, stubbornly, triumphantly on your own side.” 

This is an opportunity to begin to open to new possibilities. An invitation to collage, create, write, reflect, meditate, move gently and re-connect with yourself and others in a new way.

8 April 2023 | #ArtForTheSoul | Creativity That Connects| Hermanus

Re-connect with your true essence. Be gently guided through a creative process inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver.

Go gently.

With love and many blessings,

Yours in inspiration,