“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl

Leadership Embodiment

Based on the insight that people cannot think or respond well when under stress, Leadership Embodiment offers simple tools and practices to increase leadership capacity and respond to stress and pressure with greater confidence and integrity therefore enabling them to focus on the bigger picture, no matter the challenges they face.

Leadership Embodiment aims to create inspirational leaders (leaders of ourselves and our teams and families). It is a practice that draws on mindfulness (paying attentions to what is) and the philosophy of the non-violent martial art, Aikido (inclusiveness).

Through simple and practical physical exercises Karen helps clients notice their stress patterns, habitual behaviour (‘fight, flight, freeze, fawn’) and the way they sit and stand. Under pressure, instinctual body responses take over and the body reacts no matter what the mind “knows”. When clients observe themselves differently and notice what shifts they want to make, they can do this by being guided through various techniques to make the change themselves. This is self-authoring – this is leadership.

Karen uses this approach with individuals and teams to improve organisational culture and leadership within a business context that is rapidly changing and filled with uncertainty.

Achieving the three pillars of inspirational leadership:
• Inclusivity (we’re in this together): even in difficult situations
• Integrity: staying true and speaking up despite any resistance
• Objectivity: listening to all points of view without taking anything personally

For more information on Leadership Embodiment and future training programmes please go to www.leadershipembodiment.com