“My body sighed with relief when I chose kindness over judgment.”


Self-compassion makes it possible for us to be with ourselves just as we are – in all our messiness. Fierce, fearless compassion – with courage, curiosity and trust in basic goodness helps us to see possibilities we might not have otherwise imagined or ever thought possible and invites us to take action. Research has shown that by practicing mindful self-compassion we decrease stress, anxiety, depression, isolation – and it is essential to cultivating resilience, and a more fulfilling life.

#theselfcompassionbreak is a retreat designed for participants to come into community to practice mindfulness, meditate, go inward and reflect. Karen shares practices that help participants cultivate more self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion.We move gently, play, share, connect and experience Creative Guiding, Ontological Coaching & Leadership Embodiment practices.

  • Cultivate a practice of self-compassion & begin to silence your inner critic

  • Practice being more mindful and self-soothe through engagement of the senses

  • Practice non-judgemental acceptance of the art process and the impermanence of life

  • Let go of perfectionism, control or overthinking

  • Open to new possibilities and unexpected outcomes

  • Use symbols & colours to express that which is difficult to voice

20-23 January 2023|#theselfcompassionbreak |At Temenos Retreat, McGregor
Event Date 20 January 2023 Event Time 16:00 Event Location Temenos, McGregor REGISTER FOR THE RETREAT Venue Join us in ...
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