Welcome to a year of curiosity, wonder and possibility. May you connect with spaciousness and that which is already beautiful in you.

There is an opportunity to begin the year with a deep sense of calm and wellbeing on our first retreat of the year. You will be guided and supported through reflection, embodied practices, intuitive creative processes, meditation, gentle movement and self-coaching so that you leave feeling clear about what matters most to your heart. This is an invitation to re-connect with your deepest intention.

My intention this year is to open to new possibility. I declare that “I am open to possibility.” My quality for the year is GENTLE. I’d like to be more gentle with myself and others.

I know that if I wish to be open to possibility it is necessary for me to continue to be a learner and continue to practice being gentle and compassionate with myself.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind, there are few.” ~ Suzuki Roshi

I also realise that in order to do this it’s essential for me to remember to slow down and to keep centering. My practice helps me re-connect with my awareness, my connectedness and my compassion. The slower I move, the more I take in. The more I practice, the more possible this is.

As I begin the year, one practice I am re-committing (gently) to – is making space for my own expression of creativity, so when the opportunity arose this week, I participated in a natural pigment art workshop hosted by Leoni Aucamp. The experience was such a beautiful reminder of the many possibilities that can arise when we give ourselves permission to slow down, be gentle and open our hearts (to beings, nature and experiences). I left feeling peaceful, connected and present.

The natural pigments came from various clays sourced from a dam close by. Clay is so versatile and presents so many possibilities. We can mould it, carve it, paint and make marks with it. It creates a connection with nature and mother earth Working with it can facilitate centering, a deep sense of calm, coming into presence and a mood of acceptance. Clay is one of the mediums we will play with on #theselfcompassionbreak as we begin to explore our deepest intention through the elements of nature.

Let’s take the opportunity to center now:

Inhale up towards the sky, lengthening your spine. Exhale down toward the earth, softening. Think of something that makes you smile. Become aware of the space around you.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Is it possible to become clear on what truly matters unless we center, slow down and re-connect with our true nature?

What are we waiting for? Let’s practice together!


Begin the year with MORE COMPASSION – because when we PRACTICE BEING KIND to ourselves, we automatically open our hearts, connect with others and OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES.A retreat designed to guide you gently into the New Year with a sense of calm and wellbeing.


Be Still My Soul (excerpt)

If you stop and see
What is here to see,
And if you listen only to
What your ears hear,
You will feel your Self,

Dear Soul,
Melt into the moment, and
Peace will be near.
Even in the
Middle of the night,
The light of Life
Is right here.
In this space, always
This space, is
All you could ever hold dear.
Be still, old soul.
Feel yourself—
Right here.

Stop waiting to
Start living;
Stop time, and
Be lived.
Hear the sweet melody of
Your stillness, and the
Music that it

~ Jennifer Healey

Go gently.

With love and many blessings,

Yours in inspiration,