Choose To Retreat

“As the ancient sages all confirm, everything softens in time. If we want to soften while still alive, we have to bring our hurt places into the light.” ~ Mark Nepo

I hope that as the days become colder here in the southern hemisphere, you practice becoming kinder to yourself.

Due to a personal accident in early April and sustaining a painful injury to my right hand I was unable to offer my May retreat and I would so love to share this process with you so I have moved the retreat to the weekend of 30 June 2023. This is an invitation to actively make a choice to carve out time just for you – to stop the “busy-ness” and to put your needs first. Do not wait for circumstance to make that decision for you. Perhaps reading my latest blog post below will encourage you to “Let kind words wrap around you like a blanket so thick it soaks up the sound of every secret worry spoken to the air.

No One Feeling Is Final

Winter is a time to go within. It’s a time for rest and reflection – a time to build our reserves, to reconnect with our internal world…

Yes, McGregor can be chilly at this time of the year and there is the possibility of truly beautiful sunny days. The indoor fireplaces create a cosy environment – it’s an opportunity to wrap up in layers, drink hot chocolate and practice self-compassion. The extra bonus is that there is no loadshedding!

30 June - 2 July 2023 | #theselfcompassionbreak | Write Yourself A Love Letter at Temenos Retreat, McGregor

A nourishing winter retreat to soothe your soul. Invite a softness. Write yourself free…

Register and pay before 10 June 2023 using the following code: #selfcompassionbreak0623 and receive a 10% discount!

24 June 2023 | #ArtForTheSoul | Creativity That Connects| Hermanus

“One of the greatest blocks to loving kindness is our own sense of unworthiness. If we leave ourselves out of the circle of love and compassion, we have misunderstood.” ~ Jack Kornfield



The call is not to leave this
life by falling into the canyon
of a lover’s eye or to chase the
highest summit or even to fall
through a poem to another time.

The call is to go through every
doorway and come back.
The way you might take off
your clothes to bathe in the
lake on the far side of the trail
before heading home.

We must face and honor our
journey and then take off all
we’ve been through so we can
bathe in life without all that
has happened, and return to
this day which has never been.

~ Mark Nepo

Go gently.

With love and many blessings,

Yours in inspiration,