An Interpretation

An Interpretation |

COMING HOME TO YOUR TRUE NATURE: this is the theme for our next retreat at Temenos.

What do we mean when we say this? To be honest, I guess there are various interpretations of this – and I’d like to share my mine. I hope it resonates with you.
I assess that unknowingly many of us identify with feelings of inadequacy, fear and a sense of separateness. These are assessments that we have learnt from past experiences, from our care-givers, people in authority, from our communities. Through language we have generated a story about who we are.
As adult beings we can be the architects of our lives – and we can redesign and edit our stories and perhaps write a different ending. How?


With compassionate curiosity:

  • we can pause;
  • we can become curious about the story we’ve made up about our situation and the language we use in this story which may be shutting down possibilities for us;
  • we can bring awareness to the sensations in our body;
  • we can name the emotions we are experiencing and allow the feelings;
  • we can inquire as to what these emotions are taking care of
  • AND we can practice self-soothing, using kind words of encouragement and touch.

This is connecting with what we are actually experiencing and we can now begin to relate to the fear rather than get lost in it. This is about learning to listen to our challenges, rather than constantly aiming to overcome them – so they can lead us back to our heart. This can create space for more possibility.

We can also ask for support on this journey – because we are not meant to do it alone.

This is what I interpret “Coming Home To Your True Nature” to mean.

Finally I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already am. That I will never fulfil my obligations to surpass myself unless I accept myself first – and, if I accept myself fully in the right way, I will have already surpassed myself. For it is the unaccepted self that stands in my way – and will continue to do so as long as it is not accepted. When it has been accepted, it is my own stepping-stone to what is above me.~ Thomas Merton

The relationship we have with our own way of being is the foundation from which we can observe what is possible in life.

Have you noticed how in Spring nature re-invents itself? The buds push into leaf, the baby birds take their first flight. We too can see situations, relationships and ourselves with new eyes. The energy of Spring can bring new vision, new creativity and new hope.

We invite you to join us for #theselfcompassionbreak and begin to cultivate compassionate curiosity and explore more possibilities.


23 – 25 September 2022 #theselfcompassionbreak:
Coming Home To Your True Nature | At Temenos

Feel the sunshine pull you up and out, like the plants and animals. Watch the buds rush into leaf, often doubling their size in a day. Feel the life within you, like that in nature, thrust up out of darkness into new possibilities.


How do clients benefit from your coaching? What gains can they take into their personal lives and workplaces?

I’d say the main benefit is having a partner (the coach) with whom to have conversations. These could be conversations for clarity, possibility, action, reflection and learning, and relationship. It’s an opportunity…


Where There’s Love

Where there’s love,
there’s possibility,
and where there’s
possibility, there’s energy.
Where there’s energy,
anything at all can happen,
and where anything
can happen, something good
will surely come of it.
If at any point, things seem
to be going awry,
that’s when I begin again,
with love.

~ Danna Faulds

With love and many blessings,
Yours in inspiration,