A Women’s Retreat

A Women's Retreat |

“When we are willing to risk venturing into the wilderness, and even becoming our own wilderness, we feel the deepest connection to our true self and to what matters the most.” ~ Brené Brown

Please join us (or gift your friend, mother, daughter or partner) for a Woman’s weekend away in the beautiful Hemel-En Aarde Valley at Volmoed Retreat. Set in its own little valley of 130 hectares of fynbos, Volmoed offers a peaceful venue. As the Onrus River makes its way from the heights of Babylonstoren through De Bos Dam it tumbles down into this little valley with a waterfall and lovely natural rock pool, setting the scene of tranquility and natural beauty. A setting that invites a sense of peace and calm. The perfect space to connect with like-minded women and reflect on your way of being in the world.

How we respond to inevitable challenging moments and feelings of failure is pivotal in determining what comes next. Beating ourselves up doesn’t help us move forward; it activates a stress response and then we to stop trying.

Compassion is aimed at the alleviation of suffering – that of others and ourselves – and can be ferocious as well as tender.

“Tender self-compassion allows us to comfort and reassure ourselves when we don’t succeed, and fierce self-compassion inspires us to try again.” ~ Kristin Neff

We want love in our hearts so we don’t extend a cycle of anger and hate, AND we want fierceness in order to take action so that current worldwide issues do not continue on their current harmful path.

Bring your girlfriends, colleagues, daughters and mothers and explore new possibilities through intuitive art-making & guided self-compassion practices with me; gentle somatic movement with Teresa Rubé– and enjoy delicious food prepared by Nicola Cunningham.


5-7 August 2022 #theselfcompassionbreak: Celebrating The Untamed Woman Within |Volmoed Retreat

To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” ~ Brené Brown.

This is an invitation to re-connect to the intuitive, wise, creative, fierce part of yourself that will choose to show up and be real. Choose to be honest and take action with integrity. 


I Am Woman

I was recently reminded of our Woman’s Retreat last year whilst watching the girls from Sex In The City perform this song by Helen Reddy.
We danced, sang, laughed, cried, connected, made art and left feeling inspired. There is something so powerful about a group of women coming together in community. Enjoy this fun clip.


She Will Not Be Quiet
will not water down
words so you
can be more comfortable.

She will not
let you dim the fire
from her eyes, the tiger
from her blood

is flower born wild
high note hit just
right — thirsty soldier dying
to come home

She will no longer tiptoe so you can continue to sleep.

~ Julia Fehrenbacher

With love and many blessings,
Yours in inspiration,