A Return to Love: To Experience Love in Ourselves and Others

A Return to Love |

I hope that all is good in your world.

I’m excited to be sending you this email directly from my newly updated website! Yay! It’s taken a very long time for me to get here and although it still needs a few tweaks I’m really happy with the direction it’s taking. I am so very grateful to my web-designer, Dani Fleischman for being ever so patient with me and I’m quite proud of myself for letting go of all the harsh criticism I used to direct at myself. I can honestly say that mindful self-compassion has most definitely helped me become more self-accepting, less controlling and more accepting of others. It has also helped me accept life’s consistent uncertainty. I invite you to view the site and please send me your feedback. In the meantime I do hope you’ll join us for one of our upcoming retreats listed below and please view the short video clip of our January retreat which ran last week.


We have a few more spaces available on #theselfcompassionbreak at the beautiful Stanford Valley Guest Farm from 4-6 February 2022.


Art For The Soul | 12 February 2022 | At Karen’s Hermanus Studio

A gentle morning of ME-Time, letting go of fear and anxiety, guided intuitive art-making (creative guiding), poetry, reflection and connecting.


We experienced a beautiful January retreat on the hottest weekend ever recorded in the Western Cape! The participants stepped into the New Year with curiosity, playfulness and a sincere willingness to learn how to be kind to themselves and to gain clarity on what truly matters to them – to set their true intention from a space of loving awareness and compassion. It was a joy to witness the unfolding of real MAGIC.
Enjoy a glimpse into the weekend in the video and perhaps you’ll join us for the next retreat from 25-27 February 2022. See the details below.

#theselfcompassionbreak | 25-27 February 2022 |At Temenos, McGregor

A Return To Love: It is the month of love and so I invite you to take this opportunity to show some love for yourself. Why? Because you matter too! |This is a retreat designed to reconnect you with your true essence – which is LOVE, CONNECTION and AWARENESS.

PS. – this retreat would also be appropriate for couples. | For more details follow the link.


Disrobing In Time
Nothing is easy, but to tell the truth.
The truth of what I see and feel.
This somehow cleanses my eye
and it becomes clear what to do.

In my pain I forget to admit what is true
and things get worse. Because I don’t want to be sad,
I don’t admit that I already am. Then I feel like I’m drowning.

Because I don’t want things to change,
I don’t admit that they already have.
Then I feel like the wheel of life
is tearing me apart.

The greatest power we have when
feeling powerless is to admit what is already true.
Then the stepping stones of Eternity rise out of the mud,
showing us where to go.
~Mark Nepo

With love and many blessings,
Yours in inspiration,