Open Mind

These vessels are symbolic in that they hold the essence and power of the talisman they display. The shape of the vessel counterpoints the creature it reveals and a synergistic colour challenges perceptions of positive and negative space.

The Whistle Blower

Also called Kokopelli, this spirit of music is linked to growing things. He chases away winter and brings about spring with his magical flute, representing the life-giving properties of fertility and water.

height: 50cm | clay | neutrals | orange

The Eagle

Eagle soars above the mundane levels in life and invites the courageous of heart to experience both the highs and lows of life in order to have a balanced and serene perspective.

height: 50cm | clay | neutrals | yellow

The Turtle

Turtle is the most ancient symbol of planet earth and is attuned to being grounded and protected by the maternal energies of nature. It is mindful of the cycle of give and take in life, and aims to gently go with the flow.

height: 50cm | clay | neutrals | dark green

The Bear

The bear represents the still small voice within each of us that is all-knowing and embracing the many facets of life, good and bad. This spirit animal seeks honey and the sweetness of truth.

height: 50cm | clay | neutrals | red

The Butterfly

Light and fleeting, Butterfly is of the air ~ harnessing flights of thought and alighting on change and the art of personal revelation. In his vivid metamorphosis that he allows us access to our never-ending cycle of self-transformation.

height: 47cm | clay | neutrals | orange

The Hummingbird

The Hummer sings a vibration of pure joy. And, with a distinctive tune, inspires an open and loving heart that enables all who come into contact with it, to taste the sweet nectar and pure bliss of life.

height: 36cm | diameter: 39cm | clay | neutrals |lime green

The Dragon Fly

With its iridescent wings and dreamlike state, Dragonfly represents the winds of change. A call to action to break down illusions and see things in the beauty of how they truly are.

height: 45cm | clay | neutrals | turquoise

The Crow

Speaking only the truth, the Crow is the winged guardian of honesty and openness. With her on your mind, you know that all you believe and perceive is genuine and worthy of regard.

height: 48cm | clay | neutrals | red

The Owl

Silent wisdom and eyes that see through the dark instill the capacity for clairvoyance in Owl, as well as defusing deceit and disguise. See what others cannot; know what other’s will not, clarify the world in black and white.
height: 52cm | clay | neutrals | purple

The Ant

Self-sacrificing and actively community-minded, Ant tackles every task with patience and perseverance. His steady hard work teaches trust in the universe and a sense that all will be okay.

height: 18cm | diameter: 30cm | clay | neutrals | turquoise

The Lizard

Lizard walks up walls and into the shadow side of reality. This is the realm of visualisation, the facing of fears and the pathway to dreams. With his guidance, imaginings are made real.

height: 17cm | diameter: 30cm | clay | neutrals | lime green

The Snake

The snake spirals into consciousness conjuring spiritual wholeness and heightened intuition. In the shedding of skin, it is transformed and represents the capacity for divine shifts in daily life.

height: 17cm | diameter: 34cm | clay | neutrals | red

The Dolphin

With her young at her side, dolphin swims through emotion bringing a revitalising rhythm and opening the channels of communication. She is the sacred keeper of breath and life, sustenance and nurture.

height: 50cm | clay | neutrals | turquoise