22 – 24 September 2023 | Come Home To Your True Nature| Temenos Retreat, McGregor

The relationship we have with our own way of being is the foundation from which we observe what is possible in life.

Have you noticed how in Spring nature re-invents itself? The buds push into leaf, the baby birds break through their eggs and take their first flight. We too can see situations, relationships and ourselves with new eyes. The energy of Spring can bring new vision,  new creativity and new hope.

We invite you to join us for #theselfcompassionbreak and begin to cultivate compassionate curiosity and explore more possibilities.

Event Date

22 September 2023

Event Time


Event Location

Temenos, McGregor

Who would you be if you had a better relationship with yourself?
Clearly recognising what is happening inside us and observing what we see with an open, kind and loving heart, is what we call acceptance. If we are holding back from any part of our experience; if our heart shuts out any part of who we are and what we feel we begin to feel stuck and this can lead to feelings of anxiety, fear and unworthiness. 

Self-Compassion – makes it possible for us to be present with all of our experiences, including those that are difficult. It is the stepping stone to acceptance – of self, of others, of uncertainty. This makes space for us to observe ourselves differently. When we are present and we feel our hearts open it actually feels like we are coming home to who we truly are – our true essence – which is LOVE.

“The soul speaks its truth only under quiet, inviting and trustworthy conditions”
  • Re-connect with your true nature
  • Re-connect with your intuitive creativity
  • Practice letting go of perfectionism, control and overthinking
  • Cultivate a practice of self-compassion and gratitude
  • Practice listening to your body 
  • Open to new experiences and outcomes
  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Practice being in the present moment 
  • Practice observing yourself and the world differently
  • Move from anxiety and fear into acceptance and peace
  • Become clear on what matters to you
Join us in the abundant gardens of Temenos Retreat, McGregor in the Western Cape – a sanctuary where there is an array of bird life, plant life and so many hidden gems, including meditation rooms, a labyrinth and a Library. It’s the perfect place for stillness, self-reflection and provides an opportunity to connect with nature and her elements.
R6 250 for a single cottage
R5 950 per person for sharing (with your friend or relative)

2 nights accommodation at Temenos Retreat in McGregor.  All fresh, healthy vegetarian meals, all art materials, guided meditations, mindful movement and Creative Guiding/Coaching PLUS one follow up Coaching session with Karen after the retreat.

Optional: Stay Sunday evening, 24 September 2023 – for free. The 25th is a public holiday. It is advisable to stay so that you give yourself more time to integrate, rest and settle.

Sunday evening’s dinner and Monday morning’s breakfast are not included. The cottages are set up for self-catering.

Beverages from the restaurant are not included. (Special coffees, teas, bottled waters & sodas.)


We start at 16:00 on Friday the 22nd of September 2023 and aim to finish the programme with our last lunch together at 14h00 Sunday 24 September 2023.

Wellness treatments are available at your own extra cost. Please make bookings in advance here: https://www.temenosretreat.co.za/wellness

Karen uses a creative approach and shares mindful body practices and self-compassion practices that will help you become more aware of your old habitual patterns, guide you to center,  let go of fear and anxiety and begin to cultivate more acceptance and compassion.

Creative Guiding centres on the creative process and journey of making art rather than the finished product. Karen gently nudges and guides art-making in a supportive environment. She draws on inspiration from nature and its elements, stories, poetry and other stimuli. The Emphasis is on the experience of creating, developing, learning and reflecting. There is a deepening of self-awareness in which one’s thinking does not override the process of spontaneity and creativity. It’s about an inward exploration, being in the present moment, letting go of expectations and being curious about whatever emerges. 

No art experience is required.



Karen has been guiding retreats since 2014. She partners with clients to re-connect with their innate wisdom and cultivate a more resilient and resourceful way of being so that they may navigate consistent change and respond to challenges with more ease. She comes together with her clients as conversation partners, creativity partners, co-observers and co-learners.  Karen embodies care, love and deep respect for personal dignity and brings a presence to her coaching that is both compassionate and encouraging. This in conjunction with her sensitivity to all in a group creates an environment for all to explore and discover.

Karen facilitates processes that expand through three key approaches: Ontological CoachingLeadership Embodiment Creative Guiding.

Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognise ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and reconnecting to ourselves and others. 

Feel at home in your body

Charmaine Horsburgh is a Yoga practitioner and Conscious Movement Facilitator who met her teacher, Swami Venkatesananda of Rishikesh, India in the the early 1970’s and began a lifelong journey of yoga study, practice and investigation. The culture of learning which Swamji encouraged has led her to constantly be looking for ways to deepen and inform her own practice and teaching skills. Charmaine now incorporates the cutting edge postural alignment techniques of the Bowspring into the yoga classes that she offers.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or an absolute beginner, Charmaine relishes in the opportunity to introduce you to the Bowspring, an outstanding postural alignment system that has revolutionised her own practice and many others around the world. 
Wherever you may fit on the movement spectrum, she invites you to bring your Beginners Mind so that you may grow together.

The Bowspring is a new and exceptional alignment template that can be applied to any yoga pose, athletic movement or functional posture for optimal performance. A unique way of working with the natural curves of the body to improve balance, enhance strength, flexibility and a sense of lightness. Since it positively affects the nervous system and the circulatory system, a student can expect to see better mental focus, emotional clarity and a reduction in stress with regular practice.

” A unique experience to come home to yourself and take care of yourself. Karen helps you to develop an awareness of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of self-compassion. Building an awareness, she helps you to begin a simple practice of being kinder to yourself and therefore others. This takes place within a nurturing, calming and creative environment. I highly recommend #theselfcompassionbreak.” ~ Helen

” The retreat highlighted for me the importance of self-soothing and compassion. It helped me to release my old judgmental and critical way of thinking.” ~ Nicolas

” Liberating, educational, joyful, compassionate, reflective and the opportunity to enjoy nature.” ~ Margot

” It has reminded me of things forgotten and renewed my commitment to a path of kindness to myself and to joy.” ~ Tom

“I can highly recommend #theselfcompassionbreak especially if you’re needing a safe and nurturing environment to go within and reflect. Karen’s guiding and art processes offer a rich opportunity for self enquiry and insights to emerge.” ~ Lana

“This opened new ways of getting to know myself and ways to discover what matters to me. It encouraged me to discover what gives me joy.” ~ Petra

” This is for anyone wanting to explore their creative energy and move forward in a personal path of self-discovery.” ~ Melissa

“Thank you so much for your energy, insight and for holding the space in such a nurturing and mindful way.”~ Leo

” I am leaving the retreat feeling reinvigorated, safe and a lot braver than when we began. The safe space Karen created was supportive, nurturing & challenging at the same time. It allowed me to expand my thinking and to let go of limiting thoughts.” ~ Anthea

” This has put me in touch with emotions I didn’t know I felt but desperately needed to touch.” ~ Bruce

Completing and submitting the registration form is a sign of a firm commitment to this retreat – including payment. Payment is Due IN FULL on submission of the registration form. The retreat will run with a minimum of 6 participants. If, due to unforeseen circumstances the retreat is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. If the retreat is rescheduled, you will have the choice of a refund or to attend on the new dates. A cancellation request by you up to 15 days prior to the retreat will be refunded at 50% of the total cost. A cancellation request by you cannot be refunded within 15 days prior to the retreat. You may transfer your registration to another person. Please contact Karen at +27 82 828 2028 for any transfer requests. By submitting the registration form, you hereby indemnify Karen Nebe against any and all damages, illness and/or loss of whatsoever kind, caused by Karen Nebe’s involvement (whether direct or indirect) in terms hereof and render Karen Nebe harmless against any claims (regardless of whether they arise).